September 2020 - God's Law of Sowing and Reaping: We Reap What We Sow!

August 2020 - Eternal Life, What It Is, and Who Has It
July 2020 To Those Who Deny Prophets for Today

May 2020 Trying to Believe God
April 2020 The Sin Nature is Dead
February 2020 Love Never Fails, It's God

December 2019 Be Ye Therefore Perfect
November 2019 God Has a Table Spread
October 2019 Spiritual Dynamite or God's Nuclear Bomb
September 2019 The Prayer of Faith
July 2019 The Character of God
May 2019 God Became His Own Son
March 2019 Tell Me Something God Said and I Will Believe It!!!
January 2019 Religion - Is It Friend or Foe

December 2018 - Who is the Author of Sickness?
November 2018 - There is Room at the Marriage Supper Table
October 2018 - Why Do We Have to Pass Through Egypt?
August 2018 - What Happens to the Bride Members Family?
June 2018 - Marriage and Divorce
May 2018 - The Faith of Lucifer
April 2018 - Healing Faith
February 2018 - The Death of the Soul (Do We Have Two Souls?  What is the Soul?)

December 2017 - Two (Three) God Teaching Corrected
October 2017 - The Man Who Was God
August 2017 - I Remember Thee
July 2017 - Various Sermons
June 2017 - The Law of God, A Blessing and a Curse
May 2017 - God's Rest in Satan's Eden
April 2017 - In Vain Do You Worship Me
March 2017 - The Angel Band
February 2017 - The Holy Ghost and the Gift of Righteousness
January 2017 - Which is Easiest to Say, Your Sins are Forgiven, or You are Healed?

December 2016 - Human Faith Ignited by God's Supernatural Faith
November 2016 - Seven Golden Candle Stands
October 2016 - What the Holy Ghost is Given For
September 2016 - Freed from the Law of Sin and Death
August 2016 - Made Subject to Vanity
June/July 2016 - Faith - So Simple
May 2016 - The Gift of Discernment, What was it For?
April 2016 - An Encouragement to our Ministers
March 2016 - The Mystery of Faith Revealed
February 2016 - The Bride's Final 40 Days on Earth in a Theophany Body
January 2016 - There is a New Day Dawning

November 2015 - The Author of Sickness and Disease

October 2015 - God Cannot Lie!
September 2015 - The Great Deception: It is Taking Place Before Our Eyes Now!
July 2015 - Identification, Who Are We?  God in Flesh in the Last Days
June 2015 - Do We Know God or Only Some Things About Him?
May 2015 - God is Not Judging Us For Our Past Sins
April 2015 - The Fourth Exodus or Two Groups in the Endtime Message
March 2015 - Devil, Do You Remember Me???
February 2015 - The Message of Each Age Given to an Angel
January 2015 - A Bit of History for Our Forgetful Government

November 2014 - The Same Faith: Faith for Salvation is the Same Faith Needed for Physical Healing
October 2014 - God's Sinless Bride
September 2014 - Salvation for Message Believers: A Need that Must Be Addressed
August 2014 - Common Sense and Divine Healing
July 2014 (reprint of March 2000)- The Scriptural Doctrine of the Serpent's Seed
May 2014 - The Unpardonable Sin
April 2014 - What Happened in Heaven Versus What Happened on Earth
March 2014 - Word Does Not Disagree with Word
February 2014 - The Increase of the Kingdom of God
January 2014 - Identification - Who Are We?  (God in Flesh in the Last Days)

December 2013 - Foreknowledge
November 2013 - Born-Again unto Righteousness
October 2013 - A Lonesome God Has Prepared a People to Rule with Him
September 2013 - Standing Around the Gate
August 2013 - Only One Form of Eternal Life
June/July 2013 - What Christ Accomplished at the Cross
May 2013 - A Private Talk with Our Individual Readers

May 1, 2013 (reprint of January 2012) - The Great World Church, Which is the Image to the Beast
March 2013 - Does God Require a Christian to Tithe?
February 2013 - The Inner Man is Being Made Perfect
January 2013 - Decision Time is Fading Away!

November 2012 - Warning Then Judgment
September/October 2012 - What Must I Do to be Saved?
August 2012 - Believing The Message vs. Living The Message
June/July 2012 - Free Moral Agency: Election and Predestination
May 2012 - God Became a Sinner
March/April 2012 - The Goal is to Save Souls
February 2012 - The Blood of Jesus Christ Versus the Blood of a Pope
January 2012 - The Harlot Mother, and Her Daughters Revelation 17:5

September 2011 - Faith that is Unrecognized

August 2011 - God's Way is the Only Way to the Rapture

June/July 2011 - Presumptuous Faith (In Danger of the Tribulation)!

May 2011 - God's Perfect Law versus Man's Inability to Keep It

April 2011 - The New Birth Does Not Make Us Sinless, But It Makes Us Want to Be!
March 2011 - The California Earthquake: Is it the Big One? When will it Happen?
February 2011 - A Super Sign for Our Day
January 2011 - A Personal Letter to Our Readers

November 2010 - The World Church in the Last Days

September 2010 - The End from the Beginning (Where We Came from and Where We are Going)
August 2010 - A Personal Note to Our Readers
April/May 2010 - A Message to the Bride: Denominationalism

March 2010 - Come Out of Her, My People Revelations 18:4
February 2010 - If You Can Get the People to Believe

December 2009/January 2010 - When that "Perfect" is Come

October/November 2009 - Mysteries Under the Great Seventh Seal
September 2009 - The Stone Cut Out of the Mountain: A Great End-Time Sign
August 2009 - Who Do You Say This Is?

June/July 2009 - Count Down to Rapture and Signs in the Sky
May 2009 - Tested Under Great Pressure Before "Adoption"
April 2009 - The Failure of Human Ability
March 2009 - Lord I Believe, Help Thou My Unbelief
February 2009 - An American Pope

December 2008/January 2009 - The Resurrection of the Dead in Christ
November 2008 - A Personal Note to Our Readers
October 2008 - Exhortation to Unity in Spirit and Doctrine
September 2008 - Modern Day Proof of God's Will to Heal
August 2008 - What Do You Think?  Changed from the Inside Out by What We Think
July 2008 - Scriptural Proof of God's Will to Heal
June 2008 - A Messenger of Satan
May 2008 - Adoption: Are We as Righteous as God?
April 2008 - Continuation of The Book of Revelation No. 7
March 2008 - A Stone Cut Out of the Mountain Without Hands
January 2008 - Continuation of The Book of Revelation as Revealed to Brother William Branham No. 6

November/December 2007 - A Personal Visit with Our Readers

October 2007 - Continuation of The Book of Revelation as Revealed to the Prophet William Branham No. 4
September 2007 - Continuation of The Book of Revelation as Revealed to the Prophet William Branham No. 3

August 2007 - Continuation of The Book of Revelation as Revealed to the Prophet William Branham No. 2
July 2007 - The Book of Revelation as Revealed to the Prophet William Branham
June 2007 - Soldiers of the Cross of Jesus Christ
April 2007 - The Mystery of the Inheritance of the Sons of God
March 2007 - God is No Respecter of Persons
January/February 2007 - The Prince of This World Cometh and has Nothing in the Bride

December 2006 - To All of Us, From God, One on One
November 2006 - Thus Saith The Lord
October 2006 - Free Moral Agency: A Scriptural Doctrine
September 2006 - According to Your Faith, Be It Unto You
July/August 2006 - Total Commitment Equals Rapturing Faith
June 2006 - Angels on Probation
May 2006 - Election Versus Man's Responsibility
March/April 2006 - The Battle of Armageddon, The Great Earthquake, and the Destruction of America
February 2006 - The Sack of Flour: Take Your Burdens to The Lord and Lay Them All Down
January 2006 - Totally Righteous or Totally Unrighteous

December 2005 - The True Return Ministry Doctrine

November 2005 - God's Sinless Bride
September/October 2005 - God That Cannot Lie, Promised
August 2005 - The Mind - Body Connection: Do You Fear Cancer?
June 2005 - Rapturing Faith: What is it? (No. 2)
May 2005 - Rapturing Faith: What is it?  What Does it Consist of?

April 2005 - The World Church in the Last Days
March 2005 - The Prayers of a Righteous Man

February 2005 - Made Subject to Vanity

December 2004/January 2005 - It Is Written
November 2004 - God Looked for a Man
October 2004 - Satan's Legal Defeat by the God-Man (Or, by the Man Who Was God)
September 2004 - The Greatest Need on Planet Earth
July/August 2004 - The Dominion of God's Bride
June 2004 - The Departure of a Prophet
May 2004 - God's Elective Love
April 2004 - Healing from Within
March 2004 - Delivered to the Tormentors
February 2004 - Communion and Water Baptism: God's Types of Being Dead to Sins
January 2004 - The Same Seed

December 2003 - Peace and Rest for the Bride
July 2003 - The Salvation of the Soul
June 2003 - Trying to Believe God
April/May 2003 - He that Believeth on Him is Not Condemned
March 2003 - The Greatest Need in the Churches Today
February 2003 - How Far Should God Be Trusted?

December 2002/January 2003 - What is Victory?  Does it Mean No More Suffering?
November 2002 - Perfect Love Through Suffering
September/October 2002 - Does God Lie?
August 2002 - Hyssop Faith
July 2002 - Is the Great Seventh Seal Opened?  Are the Mysteries Finished?
June 2002 - The Two Parts of Divine Healing
May 2002 - Our Duties and Privileges in Connection with Suffering and Trials No. 2
April 2002 - Our Duties and Our Privileges in Connection with Suffering and Trials
March 2002 - Saved by Faith in the Blood of God
January 2002 - God Justifies the Ungodly!  Who Are the Ungodly?

December 2001 - The Mystery of Iniquity: What was The Savior's Thought in Submitting Us to Sin and Himself to The Cross?
November 2001 - America in Another War She Cannot Win!
October 2001 - Foreshadowing the End
September 2001 - The Body Change: The Final Testing of Our Faith!
July/August 2001 - Deliverance from Financial Worries, A Desperate Need Indeed!
June 2001 - The New Birth and the Spiritual Growth that Follows It
May 2001 - The End of All Religion, and the Takeover of Christianity
April 2001 - The California Earthquake: Is It The Big One?
February 2001 - The King's Bride in Satan's Eden

December 2000 - Unbelief: The Socially Accepted Sin
November 2000 - Salvation for Message Believers: A Need the Must be Addressed No. 2
October 2000 - Salvation for Message Believers: A Need the Must be Addressed!

August 2000 - Believers Can, and Will, Demonstrate the Gospel
July 2000 - The Power in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
May 2000 - Tithing Unto God
April 2000 - The Fall of Lucifer, Whose Name is Now Satan
March 2000 - The Scriptural Doctrine of the Serpent's Seed
January 2000 - Total Depravity of Man: A Result of the Serpent's Seed

December 1999 - Letting God Be God, and Trusting Him Anyway!
October/November 1999 - Every Seed Produces After Its Own Kind: God's Seed Produces God Every Time
September 1999 - Two Sign Gifts of Mercy: God's Willingness to Heal All Who Believe!
August 1999 - Law And Grace No. 3: But We Know that the Law is Good, If a Man Use it Lawfully I Timothy 1:18

July 1999 - No Unanswered Prayer
June 1999 - Law And Grace No. 2: Saved by Grace, But Governed by Law
May 1999 - Law and Grace: Are They Opposed to Each Other?  Are We Saved by Law, by Grace or by Both?
March 1999 - The Great Seventh Seal of Revelation 8:1 - The Mysterious Coming of the Lord

February 1999 - A Comparison: Natural Church and Supernatural Church
January 1999 - The Mystery of Suffering Christians No. 3: Divine Chastisement is Our Hope of a Rapture

November 1998 - The Mystery of Suffering Christians!: Does God's Love Mean no Suffering?
October 1998 - God's Guilty Christ
September 1998 - Time: Friend or Foe?
August 1998 - God's Final Plea to the Carnal Church
July 1998 - The Sentence of Death: Self Must Die
June 1998 - Fishing with the Proper Bait: Souls at Stake!
May 1998 - The Same Faith: Faith for Salvation is the Same Faith Needed for Physical Healing
April 1998 - The Just (Bride) Shall Live By Faith
March 1998 - The Fall in Eden: It was God's Opportunity to Demonstrate His Love
February 1998 - Saving Faith: There is a Faith that Saves and There is a Kind of Faith that Does Not Save
January 1998 - God's Revealed Will vs. His Secret Will

December 1997 - The Impossible Standard: Can Imperfect Man Live God's Perfect Law Standard?

November 1997 - Who Was William Branham?

October 1997 - A Tested and Tried People
September 1997 - Disease Germs, and Healing
March 1997 - The Way of Salvation: Has the Way Been Changes?  Is There More Than One Way?
January 1997 - It is No Longer I That Do It: There is an Inner Man and There is an Outer Man

November 1996 - Trusting God or Trusting Self: Do We Need Self Confidence, or God Confidence?  What Saith the Scriptures?
September 1996 - The Battle is Over: No More War Between God and Satan
August 1996 - Come Out of Her, My People....Revelations 18:4
July 1996 - The Seven Feast Days of The Lord Leviticus 23:4-34
April 1996 - Belief vs. Faith: What is Bible Faith?

January 1996 - The Sovereignty of God: Who is Controlling Earth's Affairs?  What Saith the Scriptures and the Prophet?

November 1995 - Identification: Who Are We?: God in Flesh in the Last Days


The Way Of Salvation


The Children's Bread

The Battle of Armageddon

Human Prophets and Deity Spirits

2 Plans For Healing

Disease Germs and Healing

A Tried And Tested People

Who is William Branham

The Impossible Standard

God's Will vs. His Secret Will

Saving Faith

The Fall In Eden

The Just (Bride) Shall Live By Faith

The Same Faith

The Battle Is Over

17 Unanswered Prayers

The Seventh Seal

Gods Final Plea to the Carnal Church

Come out of Her My People

God's Seed

Two Signs



Serpent Seed



The Squeeze


God's Guilty Christ

Two Sign Gifts


The End of All Religion

The California

Cristo El 


Sign of Messiah



The Kings Bride


Fore Shadowing the End


The Body Change "The Final Test"


The New Birth



America In Another War She Cannot Win


The Mystery of Iniquity


  Hyssop Faith


Our Duties


  Two Parts of Divine Healing


  Are the Mysteries Finished


With Sufferings and Trials #2


Does God Lie?


Perfect Love Suffering


The Death of The Soul


True Return Ministry Doctrine


He That Believeth is Not Condemned


The Creator Rules what He Has Created


Peace & Rest For The Bride


The Same Seed


Communion & Water Baptism


Delivered to The Tormentors


Healing From Within


God's Elective Love


The Departure of a Prophet


The Dominion of God's Bride


God Looked For a Man


It is Written


Made Subject to Vanity


The Prayers of a Righteous Man


  Faith " What is it " # 2 


Sack of Flour


Totally Righteous


The Great Earthquake


Election vs Man's Responsibility


Angels on Probation


Total Commitment-


According to Your Faith


Thus Saith the Lord-


 Free Moral Agency


From God "One on One"


The Prince of this World Cometh


Inheritance of The Sons of God


Soldiers of The Cross


California Earthquake Is the Big One?


A Super Sign For Our Day


"God's Perfect Law" Man's Inability to Keep


Presumptuous Faith


God's Way the Only Way to Rapture


Faith That is Unrecognized


The Brides Robe of Righteousness



The Harlot Mother & Her Daughters


The Blood Of Jesus Christ vs A Pope


The Goal is to Win Souls


God Became A Sinner


"Free Moral Agency" Election and Predestination


Warning Then Judgement


The Inner Man Is Being Made Perfect


What Christ Accomplished At The Cross


A Personal Talk With Our Individual Readers


Born Again Unto Righteousness




A Lonesome God


The Increase of the Kingdom


Identification Who Are We


Word Does Not Disagree With Word


"What Happened In Heaven Versus What Happened On Earth"


The Unpardonable Sin


The Scriptural Doctrine Of The Serpent's Seed


Common Sense and Divine Healing


Salvation For Message Believers


God's Sinless Bride


The Same Faith Revisited


Message of Each Age Given To An Angel


Devil Do You Remember Me


The Fourth Exodus


Do We Know God


The Great Deception


God Is Not Judging


Identification Who Are We?




The Author of Sickness and Disease


There is a New Day Dawning


The Mystery of Faith Revealed


The Brides Final 40 Days on Earth


An Encouragement To Our Ministers


The Gift Of Discernment, What Was It For?


Made Subject to Vanity



Faith So Simple


What The Holy Ghost Is Given For


Seven Golden Candle Stands


Human Faith Ignited


Sins Forgiven or You are Healed


The Holy Ghost And The Gift Of Righteousness



The Angel Band


In Vain Do You Worship Me


God's Rest In Satan's Eden


The Law of God, A Blessing and a Curse


Various Sermons


I Remember Thee


Two (Three) God Teaching Corrected


The Death of the Soul


Healing Faith


The Faith Of Lucifer


Marriage And Divorce


There Is Room At The Marriage Supper Table


Who Is The Author Of Sickness


Religion Is It Friend Or Foe




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